Katherine and Stevon

A Beautiful Start

Good afternoon, lovelies!

So, this is my first blog post and I am really excited about it. The plan is to post once a week so that you always have some new content to enjoy. Of course, because I know that we all live busy lives I will try to keep the post short. Naturally, if the topic at hand deserves a longer post a longer post will be posted.

Tomorrow is my wedding with my fantastic fiance, Katherine. We met during our freshman year of high school back in 2006. We’ve been best friends ever since and I truly feel like we are a match made in Heaven.

Speaking of Heaven, if you have not noticed, I am a Christian and as such I will be making posts through that lens. BUT HEY! Before you click away, I totally understand that there are a lot of people that say that they are Christians but say really horrible things or behave in a manor that is not aligned with Jesus. That being said, I want you to know that I love Jesus and I love you. All are welcome.

Now, I have to finish up some wedding stuff and I am so excited to make my second blog ALL about my wedding. I will show you some behind the scene stuff, organizational stuff, and everything that I am about.

I wish you a happy day, reader!

God bless,


First Blog Post

November 6, 2020

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