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Scott and Aviera – 4 year anniversary

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Not only was this session just an overall amazing photography session, but Scott and Aviera have the CUTEST story!

So, the two actually worked at the same place (Barnes & Nobel) and through working and spending time together a connection was forming. Slowly, the two began to talk outside of work and establish more of a foundation.

Unfortunately, one day, Scott told Aviera that he was looking for another job! Cue the heartbreak, hurt, and slight confusion!

Not to be denied though, Aviera found out where Scott was working and stopped by every so often to say hello. Determined to get him, one day she decided to dress REAL CUTE and went to see him. Aviera says that it took some persuasion but the two finally became an item.

The couple really enjoys just being in each other’s company and making each other laugh. Aviera is the funny one of the two and it can truly be seen on Scotts face how much she lights him up.

Sharing a love for sweet and savory food, an ideal date night would consist of laying out on the beach on a clear warm night listening to the waves and watching the stars twinkle.

When asked to describe each other Scott said that Aviera is: hilarious, caring, strong, smart, and beautiful. Likewise, when Aviera described Scott she said that he is: intelligent, thoughtful, kind, opinionated, and funny.

It was so much fun to have time with these two, to celebrate their anniversary and their love and to provide them with pictures that they can treasure.

A couple pose behind a field of flowers.

May 1, 2021

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